Long Night

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Krátká povídka o setkání "mého" Nikity a Stephana, kterého vytvořila a vymyslela Demona z CountlessDreams.

Most people think I love my job. In a certain way they're right, but it's the good salary that I love about that. The Tchvosky guy discovered my knack - knowing the way this and that reacts together to produce this, what is the best way how to hide some decaying piece of meat and what makes bones dissolve without trace. Forget the old clumsy concrete blocks - too crude. And too obvious. It's for those without style and without money. Now, you can call Vodka many things but he definitely does not lack on one or the other.
After some years I thought I've already seen everything I could, but that new guy, the Bull as they call him, he certainly is creative and knows how to surprise me. First time I met him, I had to laugh. He looked like a damn ninja. Dark yellow shades, balaclava, dark turtleneck, gloves, cargo pants and combat boots - I could not make out his eyes nor did he show a piece of his skin. Finally someone with some sense. None of us could identify him if we stood right next to him in a crowd. True, his accent was kinda' thick, but there are so many immigrants and tourists that nobody pays an attention to a foreign accent anymore. Still, he looked funny, like a movie character stepping out of the screen and running around.
"What's so funny?" his voice was ice cold, which only made me to chuckle more.
"You, blyad."
I did not even blink before the bloodied razor cut through my T-shirt.
"You call me a whore again, you will pay for it with more than your T-shirt."
"Aren't you a bit touchy?"
"Aren't you a bit rude?"
"Hey, it's a standard around here."
"Not with me. I said what I said and I meant it. Tchvosky says you're good, so I bet you learn fast."
His tone never wavered, his eyes did not flinch and his hand did not tremble. I will pass the fact that we were standing in a center of remnants of some guy who tried to put his nose in the Boss's stuff.
I just shrugged. I worked longer for Vodka than most of the other boys so I did not care really. But probably it would be better not to piss him off right now.
"So whaddya want from me here?"
"Clean this up. No trace. And get rid of the garbage."
"That's obvious. Any speciality?"
"Up to you. Just I think the ceiling will need redecorating as well."
I looked up. I was used to the blood sprays on the walls but the ceiling - that was something new. It looked like he cut off pieces of the poor bastard and threw them up and some of the even ended on the lamp.
"You son of a bitch! You just had to throw it all around, didn't you! Any idea how long it takes to wash off that damn crystal chandelier?"
"Yes, I do. Had to do it myself few times as a matter of fact. And now I will leave you. How long will you need to finish this one?"
"Four to five hours with redecorating and disposing of the shit in here."
"I need to do another one tonight and I will need a clean up again."
"Not the chandelier again!"
"I'll try."
He left. I discarded the rest of my T-shirt and put on the rubber gloves I keep in my back pocket always, looking around and judging the damage done. First I will have to collect the pieces of the luckless shit, he started to stink already. Well, that's what perforated intestines do, stink of shit. The Bull cut the guy in small pieces, almost accurately, one inch wide and two inches long stripes of everything. Sometimes it was hard for me to guess what was what - the liver, facial skin, lungs, meat, stomach, intestines, urine bladder... I collected the pieces, humming softly to myself and thinking of how he did it. Probably while the guy was still alive.
Some piece of tissue, one of the unidentifiable ones, clung to the wall. I ripped it off, turning it in my hands, trying to guess what it was. Than I recognised it - it was a tip of penis. I raised my eyebrow and turned to take in the scene again. Yes, he had to do it while the guy was still alive, this piece was nearly dry and other ones were still juicy and dripping blood. If he killed him first, all of them would just dry up the same way, not bleeding here and dry as an old handkerchief there. I wondered briefly what had the poor shit done to deserve such an and. Oh, perhaps just called him a cock-sucker or something.
I continued the cleaning, taking off the chandelier and carrying to the bathroom. I rinsed each of the crystal pendants clean and wondered again, if the Bull was cock-sucker at all. Or if he could be taught to do it. That would be fun. Dangerous, but fun.
I left the chandelier to dry and returned to the living room. I called Leva to bring me a can of paint and some brushes and scraped the dried blood from the ceiling and walls. The carpet will have to be replaced and if the Bull is doing another one tonight, this will be a long night. But it will also bring me a lot of money; I will have to charge extra for this one and if he's gonna be the same with the other one, well, that would be more comfort for me soon...


1 ♥KrisTýnka♥ ♥KrisTýnka♥ | Web | 11. března 2009 v 17:23 | Reagovat



díky předem a omluva za otravování!:(

2 Avril Beats Avril Beats | Web | 11. března 2009 v 17:23 | Reagovat

Ahoj, potřebuji nutně hlasy tady:

http://romanetta.blog.cz/0903/1-kolo-sonb#komentare , jsem tam jako AvrilBeats-Avril Lavigne

budu ti moc vděčná, kdyby jsi někdy něco potřeboval/a, tak mi dej vědět :)

Ještě jednou děkují a omlouvám se za reklamu

3 Moni Moni | Web | 11. března 2009 v 17:27 | Reagovat

ahojik mááš dobrej blogik pls hlásni pro mě tady http://pusinka-sims.blog.cz/0903/1-kolo-sonb#komentare su tam jako moni a sorry za reklamu

4 Ranya Ranya | Web | 9. června 2010 v 16:33 | Reagovat

huh.. přelouskala jsem začátek.. a znělo to zajímavě. škoda, že anglicky neumím tak dobře, abych si to mohla celé plynule přečíst a abych nemusela dohledávat půlku méně obvyklých slovíček. x)

5 Tereza Matoušková Tereza Matoušková | E-mail | Web | 5. srpna 2010 v 23:13 | Reagovat

"Don't Call Me Sitting Bull" jsem četla už o zkouškovém, ale dál jsem se kvůli škole a vlastní tvorbě dostala až dnes.
S angličtinou jsem žádné velké trable neměla, ale také to není můj mateřština, takže jazyk díla hodnotit nemůžu.
Líbily se mi dialogy. Jenom jsem se v nich občas trochu ztrácela. Ono není na škodu, občas čtenáři připomenout, kdo zrovna mluví.
Není to vlastně uzavřená povídka, přijde mi to jako úsek něčeho delšího, jeden dialog z románu, nebo podobně. Povídka by měla mít určitou strukturu, která mi tady trošku chybí.
Celé je to velice temné a drsné, což je jednom dobře a hlavně to má to určité kouzlo, které nutí čtenáře číst, číst a číst. Taky obdivuji, že píšeš v angličtině, já osobně bych si do toho netroufla, protože bych se cítila jako v cizím kabátě, jestli mi rozumíš.
Celkově musím hodnotit velice kladně. 70% ze 100% a v blogovém světě klidně a bez uzardění pět hvězd.

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